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Program Summary

1. Photizo Importer

  • A program that reads in sensor data from raw text files and saves them to station database tables. The source and destination paths are defined in the configuration / ini file.
-> def import_table() is called with the arguments: dataStoreBaseURL, sourceFileBaseURL, source_dir, network, station, prefix, table, column_map, and column_offset. These arguments are traceable to the config file. Two default options apply: not an initial run, and the table name will correspond to the raw data file name. If itís an initial run, use a dummy timestamp, otherwise read the latest timestamp from the file. The row version is the format (order and name) of the columns in the file. Return the total count of records added.

2. Photizo GP

  • A program that reads in station database table values and posts the data to html pages that it generates via Kid templates. The station diagnostics and station page templates are written in Kid, a python template language for XML-based vocabularies.

3. Photizo Graph

  • A program that generates image files (in our case, in png format) which contain figures that in turn contain one to three graphs. Each graph can plot any number of sensors, as long as the unit of measure on the left axis is the same. An imported unit conversion module supports displaying a metric/Celcius scale (the left-side default) and a standard/Fahrenheit scale on the same graph.


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