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Random Thoughts and Ideas

This page contains ideas and thoughts generate in the course of discussion about desired or required functionality in processing or displaying weather data.

Popup explanations

Pop-ups (maybe links, or javascript "on hover") for various sensors that give an extended explanation of what they are or what they do.

Notices on pages

Need to be able to post custom messages for each station. Either through conditionals in the templates, or setting up a "message box" type field.

Diagnostics Page

(Will probably be moved to requirements)

  • Main display page as currently is.
  • Define what stations are visible based to the user (granularity by project()
  • Group by project, then by base station
  • On main page you'd have:
    • Name
    • Raw data link
    • Latest download time
    • Days old
    • Battery Voltage
    • Panel Temp
    • Sensor Status (aggregate status for all sensors of a single station)
  • On station detail page:
    • Sensor Name
    • Current information
      • Color based on status (Failure [Red]/Warning [Yellow]/OK [Green])
    • Click on sensor for a sensor detail page

Possible Failures and Tests

AKA What can possibly go wrong, and how to test against it both at development time and run time

  • In most of these operations, not being able to contact the database is always a possibility, and will of course have to be checked and reported.


  • Test for data currency, as well as battery voltage, panel temp, etc.

Data Input

  • Data file being read does not match the expected format as defined in the configuration for that station. We would want to test to make sure all the sensors we want for a station are defined in the data file.
    • Test the data file format before trying to read it in. Send alert if something is wrong.
  • File might be corrupted (somewhat hard to tell with a text file until you read it) or might have been deleted (not likely, but you never know).
    • Send an alert

Current Conditions

  • Just about all sensors listed in a template have conditionals around them so they do not display if they are not defined for a station.

Last 24 hours

  • Might not be 24 hours of previous data if station is down or incommunicado.
    • This falls under the test/alert system.

Sensor Tests

  • Sensor is valid for the station
  • All values requested are available for test
  • All history needed (if applicable) is available
    • This would be for "phase two" testing such as doing smart tests like find standard deviation and such.


  • Must check that the requested range to graph is available.


  • Test that unauthorized users cannot access areas from which they are forbidden
  • What happens if the user auth DB can't be contacted?

Possible Edge Cases

File "end" mismatch

The data file for a station may not end at the same time. Or a file may have readings at times the other file does not. Must get the time stamp from the file that has the time stamp, and not just from the first file processed.

If the data is "from the future," as in more than an hour or two (to account for time zone differences) we'll want to throw errors.


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Page last modified on March 27, 2007, at 07:55 PM