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Current and Proposed Data Flow

Current Data Flow

The data is collected to the LLN server, from there, it is rsync'ed over to the web server under the gws/remote directory (*

Once on the Web server, the LoggerNet TOA5-formatted files are read by Photizo to create the graphs and reporting pages.

*Currently only links are provided to the raw data for NS Lakes. Look at the various projects' diag page for links to the raw data for that project.

Proposed Data Flow

As with the current system, the data is collected to the LLN server.

Upon receipt, the data (or actually, just the data points we need for reporting) are inserted into the Reporting Data Store. Data is then pulled from the Reporting Data Store to generate graphs and reporting pages.

Once data has gone through QA/QC, it will be copied to the Permanent Data Store, and merged with the Reporting Store Data to, making changes along the way, if data has been modified from the original. (:notoc:)

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Page last modified on August 15, 2007, at 07:19 PM